Black Smoke

Working at BS is more than a job, it’s a lifestyle! Pitmasters, bartenders, barbacks, servers, runners and kitchen assistants – together we make one helluva good time and team! We’re a crew that will not be stopped by a bump or setback. We’re on a fiery adventure and we’re the hottest spot in Rotterdam! View our jobs here and seize the opportunity to join the fun with us!

Working with us means you can…

  • be yourself! Do you have an attitude? Hell yeah! As long as “hospitality” is your priority, you’re welcome here.
  • speak English, internationals are welcome to join our crew.
  • be of any age. Have you surpassed your student years? No worries, we welcome all ages as long as you’ve got the energy and a guest service spirit.
  • work full-time or part-time (flex) in one of Rotterdam’s hottest spots!
  • join the gym at the Van Nelle Factory with our company membership.
  • eat free food during your shift and round off the night with an after-dinner drink.
  • have a dynamic job; every day is different.
  • grow within the restaurant industry through tastings and trainings.
  • have 5 weeks of paid vacation.
  • earn a gross hourly or monthly salary that is higher than the Hospitality Collective Labor Agreement, plus tips, 8% holiday pay and the company contribution to the Hospitality Pension Fund.
  • serve the best BBQ fans and guests!
  • get a 20% discount on Smokey Goodness products in the webshop & 20% discount for up to four people when you dine at Black Smoke on a Wednesday or Thursday (restrictions apply).


Servers and runners

(servers in training)

As a server at Black Smoke, you live for pampering guests and giving the them the ultimate experience from the moment they arrive until the moment you wave them good bye! The way to our guests’ hearts is through their stomachs and with exceptional guest service (with a healthy dose of BS attitude of course). Not only do you carry plates and trays to serve up the hottest food and coldest drinks, you also advise our guests and give them one helluva good time! All day, every day!

Gross salary from €2.050 to €2.300 gross per month depending on age, skills and related work experience + tips.


  • 15 years old = €7,00 per hour (after 200 hours worked €8,16) + tips
  • 16 years old = €8,00 per hour (after 200 hours worked €9,16) + tips
  • 17 years old = €10,00 per hour (after 200 hours worked €11,15) + tips
  • 18 years old = €11,00 per hour (after 200 hours worked €12,15) + tips
  • 19 years old = €12,50 per hour (after 200 hours worked €13,65) + tips
  • 20 years old = €14,00 per hour (after 200 hours worked €15,14) + tips
  • 21 years old = €15,00 per hour (after 200 hours worked €16,14) + tips
  • 21+ = hourly waged based on experience + tips


Can you talk about the ingredients of an Old Fashioned deep into the night? Are you a real icebreaker? Can you amaze our guests and let them hang on your every word? A bartender at Black Smoke is not just any bartender: you are the crème de la crème for the our liquid loving guests, the ambassador of a fantastic night out and a role model for anything that tastes even a little sexy.

Gross salary from €2.050 to €2.350 gross per month depending on age, level and related work experience.


  • Responsible for ordering and controlling incoming orders
  • Maintain the bar and its surroundings
  • Clean the work space and bar materials/machines after each shift
  • Mise and place for the bar
  • Keep the bar stocked
  • Take orders and prepare drinks for incoming orders
  • Interact with bar guests and give them the BS experience

vacature zelfstandig werkend kok

Cook / Chef de Parti

Are you a fireproof person who is only too happy to change a gas stove for a fire-fired kitchen? Someone with a tattoo like “I love HACCP”, more resistant to stress than a Gordon Ramsey protégé and prefers variety to cooking the same menu every day?

Gross salary from €2.100 to €2.350 gross per month depending on age, level and related work experience.

Dishwasher / dishwashing specialist

Are you a 1st class sleeve-roller, someone who’s eager to attack the mountain of dishes and be the wing man of the smokey kitchen team? Then come and strengthen us in the dishwashing kitchen, help us with the cleanest crockery and learn to help the kitchen with all kinds of culinary chores.

Gross salary from €1.750 to €2.050 gross per month depending on level and related work experience.

Parttime oproepkracht

Fiery on-call worker

Have you always been curious about what it’s like to work in the hottest BBQ restaurant in the Netherlands? Is controlling fires your passion and are you the joy in the catering industry? Are you planning to put in a lot of hours and earn money? Then there is definitely a warm spot for you in our smoky crew!


  • Preparing and preparing dishes in Rotterdam (if you can cook!)
  • Assisting our chefs: The Pitmasters (if you want to learn how to BBQ!)
  • Support the serving crew (if you have an eternal smile!)
  • Supporting the bartenders (if you want to grow into a bartender)
  • Guarding the team spirit (for those non-loners!)



  • 15 years €4.50 per hour (after 200 hours €5.50)
  • 16 years €6.00 ​​per hour (after 200 hours €7.00)
  • 17 years €6.75 per hour (after 200 hours €7.75)
  • 18 years: €7.75 per hour (after 200 hours €8.50)
  • 19 years: €8.50 per hour (after 200 hours €9.50)
  • 20 years: €10.00 per hour (after 200 hours €11.00)
  • 21 years+ : €11.00 per hour (after 200 hours €12.50)

Claiming your spot is easy. Ga naar de reserveren pagina en vul je gegevens in. See you soon!

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